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Poolscapes, Long Island

KG Action Masonry Construction Corp specializes in designing and building poolscapes in Long Island.

Poolscaping Projects

Turn your backyard into a personal getaway by getting your water features built by the experts at KG Action Masonry Construction Corp.

Our contractors make it a point to complete all pool paving or building projects on time and within your budget.

Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements. 

Poolscapes Hempstead, Oyster Bay

Completing all projects on time and within budget


The Ideal Poolscape

At KG Action Masonry Construction Corp we design and build a wide range of water features and elements for the ideal poolscape. These include:

  • Ponds 
  • Waterfalls 
  • Streams 
  • Fountains 
  • Rock fall water feature, etc. 

Do not hesitate to talk to us about any particular idea you have in mind. We would be happy to discuss your poolscaping project and provide further advice. 

Poolscapes New York

Building a wide range of water features for your poolscape


What sets us apart?

  • Professional and reliable team
  • Highly qualified and experienced
  • Premium quality materials
  • Elegant construction designs 
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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